The John Fornetti Dental Center

Some dental professionals use the drill, fill and bill style of dentistry, where there is little friendliness or discussion.

At The John Fornetti Dental Center, we don’t use the word “patients” we call everyone guests. That’s because our sole focus is on making your visit to The John Fornetti Dental Center the best experience possible. With a service akin to a 5 star hotel, our care philosophy is based on a CREDO card that each staff member carries and lives by.

We are committed to providing our guests a compassionate and caring experience.

Through ongoing and continuing education we will always strive to deliver state-of-the-art dental excellence.

Our team of professionals is sincerely driven to earn your trust, confidence and respect.

Ensuring your complete satisfaction is our highest mission!.

We understand that sometimes a visit to the dentist can be stressful, so our first goal is to put our guests at ease. By answering every question and anticipating your every need, our staff will exceed your expectations and gain your trust.

Core Values

  1. Positive Through Adversity - Finds a solution. Frustration leads to breakthrough. Sees goals & works through to get results.
  2. Being Brutally Honest - Lets you know when you get off track. Always tells you the truth by being honest and tactful (not personal).
  3. Having Vitality - This is the state of being strong and in good health, having great energy while being lively and animated.
  4. Being Relational - We want to cultivate our own care for others, while staying true to our original job description which is to cultivate the earth and all that is in it.
  5. Having Fun - Enjoys what they are doing & excites those around them. Fun loving.
  6. Being Generous - Having an open handedness in the giver, stressing warm hearted readiness to give more so our giving is lavish and unremitting.
  7. Being A Servant Leader - We place the interests of others above our own. This begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve others first above anything else.
  8. Owning Stewardship - We seek to protect, invest, grow, and maximize the owner's assets with fierce intensity. The ultimate owner is God and everything we own is a gift from Him.

Our Iron Mountain Office

Located in beautiful Iron Mountain, Michigan, The John Fornetti Dental Center is a modern facility that utilizes the latest in dental technology.

The warm and comfortable interior design welcomes our guests to make them feel instantly at home.

If you’d like a tour simply give us a call – we’d gladly show you around.

Want To Check Us Out Now? Take A Look At Our Virtual Tour!