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Human Resources Coordinator

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About Us

Our office is an office committed to guest satisfaction. We were founded on the idea that you should give people more than what they expect to receive. We live by a code of honesty, positivity, unselfishness and having fun. We give our guests hope for a better future, even when they feel there is none.

About The Job

To effectively manage the human resources of our organization to optimize our productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction through company culture.


Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:

-Plan, manage, and direct the recruitment and selection of our team using our recruiting program

-Plan and conduct our new employee on boarding process

-Identify and manage our training and development needs

-Further develop and implement human resource policies and procedures.

-Ensure compensation and benefits are in line with our company’s policies and legislation

-Support quarterly reviews

-Implement and monitor performance management systems

-Handle/support employee complaints, grievances, and disputes

-Track and administer employee discipline processes

-Conduct exit interviews

-Review/update employee rules and regulations, keeping the employee handbook up to date

-Maintain human resources information systems and employee database

-Maintain knowledge of legal requirements and government reporting regulations affecting any HR functions

Education, Qualifications, and Experience:

-Degree or diploma in human resources management, business administration or equivalent preferred

-General human resources experience

-Knowledge of principles and practices of HR management

-Basic knowledge of business principles

-Knowledge of relevant HR regulations

-Knowledge of relevant software

Key Skills and Competencies:

-Organizing and planning

-Problem analysis and problem solving

-Good judgement skills

-Critical thinking skills

-Good communication skills

-Presentation skills


-Coaching skills

-Persuasive ability


Job Type: Full-time

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