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Dental Assistant


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About Us

Our office is an office committed to guest satisfaction. We were founded on the idea that you should give people more than what they expect to receive. We live by a code of honesty, positivity, unselfishness and having fun. We give our guests hope for a better future, even when they feel there is none.

About The Job

Dental assistants don’t just pass instruments. They don’t just set up rooms. They don’t just take x-rays. They transform smiles. They create a calm atmosphere. They are a well of compassion. With a kind word or light touch, they can cast a spell of comfort for even the most nervous guest. But that’s just the front stage.

On the back stage, dental assistants are flexible and quick thinkers. They are organized and anticipate needs of our guests and the doctor. They value being prepared, on time and paying attention to detail\. They are fast on their feet but understand when to slow down and listen.

If you would describe yourself as a hard worker, flexible and detail oriented, we are definitely interested in meeting you.

Meet Our Dental Assistants

Growth Opportunities

  • Learn the power of presence
  • Increase your effective listening skills
  • Multi-task and manage numerous relationships
  • Develop the initial skills for leadership: providing, feedback, giving recognition and asking thoughtful questions.


Don’t ignore this opportunity. If you feel scared or feel you don’t have the qualifications, apply anyway! We don’t hire off of key words or a set. We hire off of real living people who have voices we want to hear. If you are smart you can learn what you need.


Share this! Don’t be afraid of friend or co-workers stealing this role. We have multiple openings. Be their friend and both of you come work here. If you are amazing and smart, we will find a place for you.