Operations Manager

Do you have a passion for helping people and enjoy working with others? Do you enjoy arranging, supervising, and taking care of finances? Do you enjoy coming up with fresh, new ideas? If you are business savvy, a people person, and have a flair of creativity, we would like to get to know you!

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Ensure the efficient day to day running of the practice
To maintain good customer relations with all guests and their families
To portray a professional attitude to doctors, team, and guests
observe guest confidentiality at all times
to be fully aware of and being responsible for teams’ individual duties and responsibilities

Staffing Matters:

Maintaining knowledge of current employment legislation and being responsible for putting into practice
Supervise team as necessary
Arrange for recruitment and selection of permanent and temporary staff members
Monitor and evaluate trainings and induction processes
Monitor and evaluate trainings on a routine basis
Create job descriptions for new positions and update current job descriptions as needed
Organize disciplinary and grievance arrangements while working with specific team leaders and keeping records up to date
overseeing and monitoring staff employment record (holiday and sick day and vacation days, etc.)
Organize (if needed), attend and participate in practice meetings
Arrange refresher and update trainings for medical emergencies, CPR training and OSHA trainings
Addressing inner office conflicts
Encourage and develop team motivation and teamwork
Regular meetings with owner doctor and associate doctors (frequency TBD)


Take responsibility for and supervise all banking procedures, including deposits, payments and checking bank statements
Develop and maintain all processes to diminish/eliminate the possibility of embezzlement
Ensure the operation of guest payment policy and collection of outstanding debts
Potentially develop new/better financing options for guests
Ensure petty cash is reconciled and is checked and monitored daily
Ensure dayshifts are reconciled and are checked and monitored daily
Monitoring staff payroll and bonus and corresponding record keeping
Producing end of year accounts for practice accountant
Generating financial reports such as profit and loss for use in budgeting, monitoring and planning
Working with partners (ex: Scheduling Institute) to produce financial and business plans
Analyzing financial information to identify positive or negative trends
Following up with any overdue accounts


Ensure that our “best practices” are being followed by each team member
Ensure the operation of the practice guest complaints procedure
Deal with guest queries in a sympathetic and polite manner
Keep guest information from the practice (guest communications) fresh and up to date


Keep all practice documentation up to date, including policies, insurances procedures and employee handbook
Work with IT and ensure the maintenance of the practice computer system
Maintain and keep the website up to date and fresh working with the Community Development Director
Coordinating functions, meetings, courses and travel arrangements
Ensure a daily backup is in place


Undertaking various analysis (ex: SWOT)
Identify the owners vision: What it is; what is stands for; why we do it
Setting objectives in the following areas: Financial, marketing, guest care, team culture, training and various resources with input from the leadership team
Helping in planning, developing and implementing new strategies for marketing the practice
Identifying target markets within the practice and exploiting their potential
Designing and planning new services the practice can provide
Facilitating the set up/start up of above said services
Liaising with the media groups and the Community Development Director and providing them with information for our guests
Devising sales strategies, implementing and overseeing new sales initiatives
Organizing the production and distribution of guest communications such as emails, newsletters, display events print media while working in tandem with the Community Development Director

Experience and Qualifications:

REQUIREMENT: Experience in finance and accounting.


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