A dental implant is a prosthetic root that helps increase the permanency of any man-made tooth. This procedure can be done to one tooth or as many teeth as needed to enhance your overall comfort and confidence in your smile! Some dental implants are effective immediately following the procedure. Others may take up to 18 months to ensure increased permanency and comfort.

Well what are these implants made of? The root is made out of titanium. It is the same material used in hip and knee replacements.Then there is essentially a screw and a crown that attaches to that screw like when a crown is done on a regular tooth. Implants provide the benefit of replacing a missing tooth without having to use the teeth on either side as anchors like with a partial or a bridge.

Choosing a dental implant procedure is an important investment in your long-term dental health.

Take the step today towards a healthier, happier, more confident smile!

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