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Dentistry For Our Vets Years Past

Dentistry for Our Vets 2018
October 23, 2018
Dentistry From the Heart Years Past
December 4, 2018

Dentistry For Our Vets has provided free dental care to veterans since 2014.

The John Fornetti Center began holding "Dentistry For Our Vets" in 2014. Of all U.S. veterans, only 8% are eligible for dental benefits. Dr. John thinks, as Americans, we can do better. Dr. John and Dr. Dan Fornetti, along with our team, volunteers and sponsors, hold the event every year on the Saturday closest to Veteran's Day in November. Any veteran in need of dental care can choose one free extraction, filling or hygiene cleaning. Since the event began, we have treated 272 veterans, performed 539 treatments and donated over $77,000 in services on these event days. Thank you to all veterans for your service, and it is an honor to provide this service to you.