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The Development of a Cavity

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The Development of a Cavity

Cavities are a common problem in the dental world. However, by practicing good oral health habits at home and regularly seeing your dentist and hygienist, you can greatly reduce your risk of developing cavities.

A cavity can start to develop when acid becomes present in your mouth. This acid attacks the surface of the teeth. Drinks like soda, juice and Gatorade are high in sugar and acid. Being exposed to acid long enough over time will start to demineralize the enamel of your tooth. Continued exposure will keep dimineralizing the enamel until a cavity develops. If left untreated, the cavity will keep spread and eventually hit a nerve which makes your tooth hurt. See the infographic below for all the details on cavity development.

To avoid an uncomfortable cavity and a follow-up filling, visit your dentist regularly and get your necessary x-rays. Practice preventative care and often you can avoid restorative work. Schedule an appointment with one of our hygienists today: 906-774-0100