Our VIP Program – The John Fornetti Dental Center

Our VIP Program

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December 8, 2017

Rewards for Referrals!

We know a referral is the greatest compliment you can give us. To show our gratitude, we created the referral rewards system. The more you refer, the more rewards you'll receive. This is just one of the ways we'd like to thank you for being a guest at The John Fornetti Dental Center.

  • 1st referral – Gift of the Month
  • 2nd referral – $50.00 dinner gift certificate
  • 3rd referral – $100.00 Gas Card
  • 4th referral – V.I.P. Status!! Priority scheduling & Parking AND 15% off all service while active in the VIP program

Thank you for trusting us with the health of your friends and family