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Why Dental Implants Can’t Be Quoted Over The Phone

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February 15, 2018
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Why We Can't Quote Your Dental Implant Over The Phone

If you are curious about dental implants and are wondering if they could be a good option for you, you will probably be tempted to call your dentist office to see if you can get a quote and possibly a timeline on the treatment over the phone. You may have been surprised when the office told you that you would have to come in to get an accurate assesment. Even if a dentist or specialist has placed numerous implants, each case is vastly different and is treated as such. That is why it is difficult for a caller to get a quote over the phone. There are several factors that can affect the level of investment for an implant, and they simply cannot be accurately measured without an appointment.

Dental History and X-Ray

Your dental history is very important when considering an implant. It’s likely that your jaw health will be the first place your dentist or specialist will look. Other conditions, like gum disease or bad hygiene habits, can alter the investment and timeline of implants. Dental x-rays are essential to implant cases because your dentist will need to evaluate your current dental health and will require them to assess your treatment options.

Present Teeth and Size of Jawbone

If the tooth or teeth you’d like to replace are still in your mouth, they will affect the timeline and investment in placing dental implants. When the teeth are already gone there will be one less step on your way to implants. Additionally, the size of your jawbone will affect the implant process. If the jawbone is too small, it may require a bone graft or may make implants not a viable option.

If You're New to the Office

If you will be coming to an office for the first time to have implant treatment, the process may be different for you. The office may need to schedule extra appointments to get a complete look at your dental health.

The Implant

The type and number of implants will have an effect on the overall health investment. After a thorough evaluation, your dentist or specialist will be able to discuss the most efficient and predictable way to restore the aesthetics and function of your mouth.

Your Health

The state of your health is vital to your dental implant treatment. Existing conditions including but not limited to to osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, certain cancers and radiation therapy, diabetes, and smoking may affect your candidacy for implants. These conditions can affect getting dental implants because they affect your bone density and structure, gums, or blood. Your dentist will be able to give you more details regarding any such conditions with you and how it may affect your implant process.

Your Budget and Insurance

Your budget and insurance provider can have an impact on the financial side of the implants. Be sure to let your dentist know and they may have different payment options available. At the John Fornetti Dental Center, we have a variety of options and flexible payment plans to help you attain the smile and quality of life you want. This variety of plans is another reason why it is much easier to discuss implant placement in person with your dentist.

Even though it may seem sensible to get a quote or treatment timeline regarding implant placement over the phone before an appointment, there are simply too many individual factors that go into each implant treatment. At a consultation, these factors can be worked out between you and your dentist or specialist. Always consult your dentist or specialist to see if implants are a good fit for you.

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